Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wow... can't believe it!

Well, I have to say that it is rather amazing to see how a new baby grows so quickly. A week ago Iain went in for his one month check up, and we found him to be 9lb. 8 oz. a full 2lb. 10 oz. more than when he was born. We checked him on our scale at home yesterday (very close to pediatricians scales) and he registered at 10lb. 2oz! He has finally made it out of newborn diapers and into a size one, as well as into 0-3 month clothing. To this point it has just swallowed him whole. (most of it still does..lol)

Saturday night was pretty awesome! Iain was doing his tummy time, and of course was rather ticked off about it, when all of a sudden he rolled over to his back! I didn't think this was something he would do for another month, but my son seems to be in a hurry to grow big. He almost did it a second time, but was just too tired from the first time. Either way, it is pretty unreal to watch him growing so quickly. Where his forehead used to wrinkle, well they are almost gone :-( and he has finally grown into the skin on his legs. No more wrinkles there either. I am glad I got good pictures of those wrinkles though, because that is all there is left of them.. just little paper memories.

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