Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bronchitis STINKS!

Well, it has been over 2 weeks since I first got my know, your typical cough and hack, runny nose type cold. The first week went by and it got pretty rough with the cough, enough that for 3 nights straight I couldn't really sleep, so I went to the doctor to get some good presription cough medicine... we decided at the time to bypass the antibiotics. Well, about 4 days later I went back to the doctor to have a mole removed and she noticed the cough was still there, I told her that it was getting a lot better since I had seen her before, so again we decided on no antibiotics. DUMB DUMB decision on my part... 2 days after I went, the cough came back but this time worse.
Friday night came around and as I was trying to go to sleep I found out that I was having a really hard time breathing... It just felt like an elephant was sitting on my lungs! So after taking more cough syrup I finally was able to sleep, but I knew I had to go to the doctor in the morning.

So Saturday rolls around and I go to Urgent Care, after listening to my lungs, the doctor decided I needed a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia! He told me he was sure I had a mild case of it going on by listening to my lung sounds... So chest x-ray now done, he comes over and lets me know that he didn't see how my lungs could be so clear considering how they sounded... so to put the story short... by passing the first (2)time(s) around on the antibiotics, I got myself into a mess that required a chest x-ray, a PAINFUL, BURNING shot of antibiotics in the butt, a nebulizer treatment at Urgent Care before I left, and prescriptions for Albuterol, a major strong antibiotic and more cough syrup with codiene in it... .and permission to use ibuprofen for pain....Maybe, I will have learned my lesson for next time... (fingers crossed...)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Giraffe loving little dare-devil...

Ok... so the title to this entry may be a little odd... but to briefly explain we went to the zoo today and when we came home Iain decided to perform a few daredevil antics. (so there you have it short and sweet.)

The last time we went to the zoo, when we went to the Giraffe exhibit, we went only to find out that the Giraffes had gone in for the day, so we left that time a bit disappointed. But this time we went early to make sure we got to see them! We actually were the first to see them, because we overheard them on the radio saying they were letting the giraffes out, so we booked it over to the lookout! We were definitely not disappointed... All I can say, is God had such a great sense of humor when He made the Giraffe!...How can you not LOVE these gentle creatures. They came right up to us, ready to get some morning loves from the visitors. Iain and I fed the giraffes crackers and sweet potatoes. Iain absolutely loved it... he kept saying "Hi!" over and over in his sweet little voice to the giraffes whenever they would come close. It was absolutely the cutest thing! So here are a couple of pics from the zoo...

When we got home, he was absolutely wound up, and decided that it was time to start jumping off of the couch and into the beanbag on the floor...absolutely no fear. After he had done it a few times he then decided that he wanted to do a somersault off of the couch. That one got me a bit startled, but he just giggled and got right back up on the couch... go figure...That's my boy!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, it goes without saying, that toddlers have very curious eating habits... Some days you can't get them to eat a thing, the next day they will eat everything you put in front of them. And most of the time they will come up with new, albeit curious combinations of the food on their plates.

When I saw him put together this combination of macaroni and cheese, fishsticks and chocolate pudding, I immediately had this idea of a food magazine cover pop into my head. So here is my take on a "foodie" publication from the toddler point of view!