Friday, April 17, 2009



I hate being a teacher and being stuck in class....with no one to cover for me... I have three more minutes and don't know if I can make it... my eyes are watering... I can't sit still.... and my students think I am on a major caffeine high...LOL!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


So, After Iain woke up from his nap today, it was time to make a few Easter eggs. I don't think I have done this in at least 15 years, and I have to say it was quite fun... Messy, but good and fun. And I would have to say that Iain quite loved his job of dipping the eggs (for the most part)!

I know he is getting rather excited about hunting Easter eggs tomorrow at church, and getting his Easter basket... last year, he still really could care less.

Myself, I am getting rather excited about our sunrise service in the morning at the beach... Our
church has done this for years but this will be the
first time we have made it, and I think it will be

Have a fantastic Easter, and be thankful every day
for God's Greatest Gift!