Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well, what can I say? I guess it is a very true thing that you tend to have a very personal relationship with your hair. For several years now, I have had VERY VERY short hair. It all started about 6 years ago when I got completely frustrated with constantly trying to detangle my fairly long hair (for me anyway). It wasn't that I didn't like my long hair, I just couldn't handle the pain anymore of trying to get all of the knots out of my hair. So, within about a years time I went from shoulder length hair to chin length hair, to a SHORT crop cut (all of it about 1" long).
To be completely honest I LOVE my short hair, but I know that Allen and everyone around me tends to like it a bit longer, so I have tried over and over and over to grow my hair out longer. I figured that since I was pregnant last year, and my hair seemed to be growing like crazy, why keep cutting... let's just let it grow out.
To move on...I had just got to a point in the last few weeks that I was really liking my longer hair... it had just reached the top of my shoulders (the bottom layer anyway), it was just needing a little bit of shape and structure. So yesterday I decided with family pictures to be taken next week, I needed a good trim and style. Unfortunately with the cost of getting the pictures done I went to Great Clips and not my normal salon so I could save a few bucks. Hee-Hee.... Well this just started the adventure.
I get to Great Clips and this lady takes me over to the chair to discuss what I wanted done. Well I told her what I wanted and as I was talking to her, I noticed that her hair wasn't done all that well, and that she didn't seem to bother with even fixing it. I was thinking it was pretty strange that a hairdresser wouldn't keep her hair looking great, it is her profession after all. Well, I let her keep cutting, and all of a sudden RED FLAG! Her boss handed her a "schedule" of her training times... it said to bring her shears and her clippers.
WHAT?!? I have a complete newbie cutting my hair? Okay, I understand everyone has to start out at some point but please don't advertise the fact that they are in training. Well... anyway, I get home and really start to check out my hair, when I see that she has completely BUTCHERED IT! The cut was so crooked, and TERRIBLE... and I have family pictures this week! I absolutely started to bawl! So Allen told me to go ahead to the salon I normally go to no matter what it cost. (It must have been bad for him to say that!)
So back to Jack and Jeans where I normally go... and spend way way too much $ for a haircut, but for a reason. The girl at the shop looked at my hair, and I could see she could tell it was bad... I told her that I wanted it repaired, since it had just been cut 2 hours before...she felt so bad for me that she even threw in free highlights! You know, I have to say, that even though I had to go a lot shorter than I originally planned, I'm starting to like it. I got several compliments today at church and boy did it make me feel better. Here is a pic of my new... "repaired" do.

So there it is... my heart was broken over a bad haircut, and my hair was saved by an expensive but talented hair dresser.....GOODBYE CHEAPO HAIRCUTS!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Poor Boys!

Well, today was quite the day. This morning Allen woke up around 2:00 sick as a dog, and then again around 4:30. I felt so terrible for him as I know he was absolutely miserable. Well, fast-forward to 7:00 and I wake up with Iain to give him a bottle. He took his time eating (I put him back on a slow flow nipple to make sure he wasn't eating too fast) and we burped twice.

So I had him sitting on my lap for a bit, making sure that he had time for his tummy to settle, then went to change him. As I went to grab a wipe, the poor kid projectile vomited his milk right back out a la "fountain-style"! I felt really bad for him because it came right back down all over his face... so he blinked a few times, then held his breath for a second like he was going to scream, when all of a sudden his face changed and voila, he started to giggle! He pukes in hiw own face... and giggles! What a strange and wonderful baby I have. Crazy, but wonderful!

Well, since he vomited instead of the spitting up, this called for a trip to the pediatricain. We decided that since daddy was sick, we need to take the precaution. Well, he definitely has the stomach bug, but Dr. Chopra commented about how lucky I am to have a HAPPY sick baby.. Here he is vomiting, and he laughs...

While we were there, they weighed him in. In two weeks he has put on 18 oz! So now we are up to 13.6! He also pushed himself up with his chest all the way off the table.. he was even able to look up at the mobile on the ceiling. I tell you, I have a "baby Universe" on my hands!

Well, I got to stay home from work until the last period of the day, and Iain got to stay home today from daycare, so all is okay... Daddy feels better and Iain hasn't vomited since we got back from the doctors office. We will see what tomorrow holds!