Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wow! Amazing Mommy moments...

I have come to realize that the first few weeks of parenthood are very tiring, trying, and tearful. It seems that these weeks have been filled with almost nothing but lots tears from both baby and mommy, lots and lots of diapers to change, tons of crying and trying to figure out what each different cry means, as well as lots of 2:00 am feedings, which all lead up to a very exhausted mom. In between are cute little moments such as those "gas bubbles" that make Iain grin in his sleep, or those hiccups which even though they piss off my dear son, are quite endearing to me. It seems that those moments make all of the hard learning-curve of parenting worthwhile.

Yesterday it seems was a milestone day though! Iain had been having a particularly cranky day, crying, pooping, crying, pooping some more, when after he had finished crying again, he woke up from a brief nap in an amazingly happy mood. He would not take his eyes off of mine, so I started to stick my tongue out at him seeing if he would reciprocate.. sure enough after about 100 times sticking mine out, he stuck his tongue out at me finally, and capped it off with a huge gummy smile! OMG! You talk about making your heart melt. For about 5 minutes he smiled, and cooed, wrapping me around his pinky!

I have decided that God gives us a few roughshod weeks learning how to be a parent, so that when that very first REAL smile that isn't a gas bubble at all, is absolutely mesmerizing, completely spellbinding, and simply one of the most wonderful parts of being Iain's mommy!

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Amanda Mac said...

Awwwwww!!!! I totally understand the melt-your-heart-goofy-grin. How awesome!