Friday, March 30, 2007

New Pictures!

Well, I have been taking several pictures this week, and these are definitely some of my favorites! I am definitely getting a bit better at using my digital point and shoot. There are some times that I get some absolutely amazing photos from this little thing. (But I am still strongly considering a nice digital SLR...btw...Allen is going to kill you for this one Manders!)

The top one was while he was taking a nap in the chair... I noticed how all of a sudden the skin on his legs is so shiny, not from lotion, but because he is growing so fast it is stretching the skin nice and Well, when I noticed him from the back, I just couldn't resist getting this shot!

The black and white is my personal favorite right now. Allen and Iain were napping after church on Sunday, and I just couldn't resist opening the shades in the bedroom for this shot. It was so funny how both daddy and Iain were sleeping in exactly the same position, arms up beside their heads!

The naked picture in his bouncer is so neat to me because he was so wide awake and alert, I love how he looks like a little "big boy" in this picture... notice the great tan too...I think it is pretty funny how he looks like we have been out in the sun all week in this one, even though that complextion is au natural!

Finally, I actually managed to capture that cute little smile! He was sitting in his Bumbo seat in the middle of the table at supper watching us eat, when he just started to smile and coo. I took about 6 pictures before I managed to get this one. I just love his smile, he sure knows how to make mom melt!

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Amanda Mac said...

He's so cute! I love the first pic. You should play around in Photoshop to see if you can lighten it some. I tried but the resolution is too low when I copy it from Blogger.

Love that smile! Isn't it the best when they smile at you like that?

Oh, and tell Allen it wasn't my fault! LOL

Anne said...

Interesting to know.