Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tears, Smiles and Frustrations.

Well, today Iain was quite a rounder for me. We did get to sleep in, however I think he slept a little too long! It seemed the rest of the afternoon for me was spent trying to soothe him from crying jags. I somehow managed to fit in 4 quick pieces of toast for lunch. Not sure how I did it though.

Go figure that when I go pick up Daddy from work, as soon as Allen hops in the truck next to Iain, Daddy gets a HUGE smile! One of our secretaries at work got Iain a little white teddy bear that dances to Elvis's 'Teddy Bear', Allen started the thing to going and Iain was all smiles the whole ride home. I will have to make sure that Pam knows he liked it so well.

This afternoon I talked to my athletic director at work, and I managed to volunteer myself into working one night a week for the last of my time off. I have missed working the ballgames, and it doesn't bother me a bit to do this. It is just particularly frustrating when the local college who volunteered their students to cover our games while I am gone are not showing up, and are not returning phone calls. They tell you that they are going to do something, and then when you really need them, they are a no show. ANNOYING!

Anyway, it is time for me to get my butt in bed, just past midnight... about 4 hours earlier than I managed to get to bed last night. WOO HOO!!! Good Night!

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