Thursday, May 3, 2007

Poor Boys!

Well, today was quite the day. This morning Allen woke up around 2:00 sick as a dog, and then again around 4:30. I felt so terrible for him as I know he was absolutely miserable. Well, fast-forward to 7:00 and I wake up with Iain to give him a bottle. He took his time eating (I put him back on a slow flow nipple to make sure he wasn't eating too fast) and we burped twice.

So I had him sitting on my lap for a bit, making sure that he had time for his tummy to settle, then went to change him. As I went to grab a wipe, the poor kid projectile vomited his milk right back out a la "fountain-style"! I felt really bad for him because it came right back down all over his face... so he blinked a few times, then held his breath for a second like he was going to scream, when all of a sudden his face changed and voila, he started to giggle! He pukes in hiw own face... and giggles! What a strange and wonderful baby I have. Crazy, but wonderful!

Well, since he vomited instead of the spitting up, this called for a trip to the pediatricain. We decided that since daddy was sick, we need to take the precaution. Well, he definitely has the stomach bug, but Dr. Chopra commented about how lucky I am to have a HAPPY sick baby.. Here he is vomiting, and he laughs...

While we were there, they weighed him in. In two weeks he has put on 18 oz! So now we are up to 13.6! He also pushed himself up with his chest all the way off the table.. he was even able to look up at the mobile on the ceiling. I tell you, I have a "baby Universe" on my hands!

Well, I got to stay home from work until the last period of the day, and Iain got to stay home today from daycare, so all is okay... Daddy feels better and Iain hasn't vomited since we got back from the doctors office. We will see what tomorrow holds!

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