Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well, what can I say? I guess it is a very true thing that you tend to have a very personal relationship with your hair. For several years now, I have had VERY VERY short hair. It all started about 6 years ago when I got completely frustrated with constantly trying to detangle my fairly long hair (for me anyway). It wasn't that I didn't like my long hair, I just couldn't handle the pain anymore of trying to get all of the knots out of my hair. So, within about a years time I went from shoulder length hair to chin length hair, to a SHORT crop cut (all of it about 1" long).
To be completely honest I LOVE my short hair, but I know that Allen and everyone around me tends to like it a bit longer, so I have tried over and over and over to grow my hair out longer. I figured that since I was pregnant last year, and my hair seemed to be growing like crazy, why keep cutting... let's just let it grow out.
To move on...I had just got to a point in the last few weeks that I was really liking my longer hair... it had just reached the top of my shoulders (the bottom layer anyway), it was just needing a little bit of shape and structure. So yesterday I decided with family pictures to be taken next week, I needed a good trim and style. Unfortunately with the cost of getting the pictures done I went to Great Clips and not my normal salon so I could save a few bucks. Hee-Hee.... Well this just started the adventure.
I get to Great Clips and this lady takes me over to the chair to discuss what I wanted done. Well I told her what I wanted and as I was talking to her, I noticed that her hair wasn't done all that well, and that she didn't seem to bother with even fixing it. I was thinking it was pretty strange that a hairdresser wouldn't keep her hair looking great, it is her profession after all. Well, I let her keep cutting, and all of a sudden RED FLAG! Her boss handed her a "schedule" of her training times... it said to bring her shears and her clippers.
WHAT?!? I have a complete newbie cutting my hair? Okay, I understand everyone has to start out at some point but please don't advertise the fact that they are in training. Well... anyway, I get home and really start to check out my hair, when I see that she has completely BUTCHERED IT! The cut was so crooked, and TERRIBLE... and I have family pictures this week! I absolutely started to bawl! So Allen told me to go ahead to the salon I normally go to no matter what it cost. (It must have been bad for him to say that!)
So back to Jack and Jeans where I normally go... and spend way way too much $ for a haircut, but for a reason. The girl at the shop looked at my hair, and I could see she could tell it was bad... I told her that I wanted it repaired, since it had just been cut 2 hours before...she felt so bad for me that she even threw in free highlights! You know, I have to say, that even though I had to go a lot shorter than I originally planned, I'm starting to like it. I got several compliments today at church and boy did it make me feel better. Here is a pic of my new... "repaired" do.

So there it is... my heart was broken over a bad haircut, and my hair was saved by an expensive but talented hair dresser.....GOODBYE CHEAPO HAIRCUTS!

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