Monday, August 20, 2012

He Ain't a Baby No More!

First Day of Kindergarten!
So last night we talked to Iain about going to school today, and how he is such a big boy now.  We made sure he remembered his bus number, the bus rules, classroom number and his teachers name, as well as which character on the gym wall he goes to to line up with his class.  (He just looked at me like, yeah Mom, I got this already!...*eyeroll*)

This boy even wanted a brand new alarm clock because he is such a big kid!

In the process of transitioning him to being this big boy, we also moved Lachlan to his own room, because Lachlan goes to bed easy and Iain still likes us to lay down with him, and we thought this might help the process.

Little did I know what I was in for!   I am already a little sad that my little boy is a big kid going on his first day of school, but Iain really took me for a loop!  When I went in to lay down with him in bed, he told me "Mom, I don't need you anymore!  But I still love you"   He went to bed by himself for the very first time last night.  I cried... and I think I am still crying a little.

When he decided he was a big boy, that was IT! PERIOD!

So in the last week, my little boy learned to ride his bike, is going to school and finally kicked us out of his room at bedtime.   Now I guess we have a little man! LOL!

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