Friday, May 25, 2012

3 Weeks...

I can't believe that time has been moving so unbelievably fast through the last few weeks.  It doesn't seem possible that the last 8 years are already past, and that we are finally going home...

I will admit that as today is the last game I will ever work at Creek my emotions are running a bit high... It doesn't seem possible, but I think I will actually miss these kids... OK... I know I will.

3 weeks left to pack... I gotta get my butt in gear, even though I know we have packed boxes galore, it just deesn't seem like anything is quite done... lots of packing... my room is yet untouched, and believe me that room alone will take a week it seems... so there is much to do this weekend.

I find myself to be terribly impatient... I am at the point of waiting, sitting here wanting to know about this job... I know it feels like a great fit, and I find myself wanting this job more and more... I just really don't want to be disappointed... hoping for the best.

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