Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello Socialism.

I went to the dentist this morning to have some cavities filled. Go figure that as soon as he sticks the drill in my mouth, he starts talking politics. I personally didn't mind especially considering we are very alike in our thinking regarding the direction our political system is taking. My only problem was that I so badly wanted to say something, but dared not move with a drill bit only millimeters from my tongue!

Either way, what he said, really struck a chord, and should really get people thinking about where we are headed. Dr. P. said that he had been reading about Argentina and the direction their government is taking regarding it's expanding role in the private sector. It seems that the Argentine government has decided to nationalize their country's pension system... they have now made the decision that they are going to seize all private retirement accounts, and redistribute them so as to make a government retirement fund that will provide a "fair" payout to ALL Argentinians as they retire!

Well, why should this worry me?

Read the following quote from the article regarding this whole debacle:

"That the state could seize retirement savings no doubt seems outrageous to Americans. But it is a predictable development in a country where government intervention in the financial system is the norm. With Washington now expanding its role as guarantor in American banking, that's something to think about."

What have we been doing of late... bailing out our banks in the private sector, subsidizing the likes of AIG, effectively making the company government owned... our government sticking their hand in the private pot. This my friend is the beginnings of a socialist government... and our friend, Pres-elect Obama only has greater plans in store for us with his "Share the Wealth" plans. I truly understand the ideas behind wanting to take care of our fellow man, but at some point in time we have to take responsibility for ourselves, finding ways to put back for our own future... why do we have this idea in our collective consciousness that our government should take care of us? Do we not have to be fiscally responsible anymore... The last time I checked, the Bible tells us that we should be good stewards of our money, and to do our best to take care of and create more out of what has been given to us. Why should we be excused, when we spend every last penny we have, and yet feel that we have the right to ask our government to take care of us when we haven't. The simple truth is, we do not have that right!

I have already been hearing students at school saying that their parents have stopped paying their bills because "President Obama is going to take care of us now"'. What on earth are they thinking?

If you think that this extreme example of what is happening in Argentina can't happen here, think again, because the seeds are already being sown, and unfortunately I think that the caretaker is on his way in to see this to some sort of fruition.

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Amanda Mac said...

Well put. I think this has been a long time coming, and one day we will all wake up and wonder what happened - but by then, it will be too late.

I haven't got much to call my own, but why should my dad have to give up his hard-earned retirement because half the country just decided not to work?