Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween Scrap!

Well, after about a couple of months of no time to scrap, and about a month without PSE, even though I was inspired to scrap, I FINALLY made a new page!!! WOO HOO!!!

Yeah, I lost my old PSE 5 when our computer almost crashed last month. And go figure, the CD happened to be one that Iain managed to destroy. GAH!

So, I got my Christmas present a little early, the new PSE 7! I am so excited to have my program back, and there are some pretty cool new features that I am going to have to figure out...Can't wait to really dig into this program.

For what it is worth... here is my L/O for Halloween. I should have made the pic a bit bigger, but oh well... I am finished with it either way!

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