Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homecoming at Creek.

So now that football is in full swing... 5 weeks and counting... and Homecoming week is here, I can honestly say that I am simply Exhausted. Most of the exhaustion stems not so much from football itself, but rather from Iain, and the fact that when I get home from practice he is ready to play. Would I trade the playtime for rest... absolutely not, but it still doesn't make it any easier to get up in the morning and get going.

Yeah, so homecoming week is here, and my oh my what an interesting week it has been... luckily the first three days of dressing up is over and there are only 2 more to go.... we have seen bananas, referees, Reno 911 officers, superheroes, Sara Palin lookalikes, Barbie Dolls (in their boxes!) Elvis, hippies, Richard Simmons, '80's jazzercizers and breakdancers, and those are the VERY tame ones. Tomorrow is spirit day and I am sure we will be seeing TONS of orange and black, but Friday... OH FRIDAY....the day of all homecoming spirit days. Yes... it is the dreaded, but HILARIOUS (and perfect for blackmail later on) Senior Cross-dress day. Oh to see the guys decked out in mini-skirts, pantyhose, tube-tops and caked on make-up. Sometimes I wonder if this is the image they have in their mind of how girls really are, (which is a very sad statement in and of itself) or if this is hopefully the OVERDONE spoof of todays in-your face fashion statements. Either way, it is fun to watch, and especially fun when some of the guys can actually pass for girls in the hall... I passed one young man last year who I REALLY thought was a girl. THAT my friend, is a very successful senior cross-dress attempt! However, I think my favorite is to see my senior football players... all 6'5" 250 lbs of them squeezed into hose and skirts, wigs and make-up. Very, very entertaining!

So here is a video I found on YouTube that some of my former weightlifters posted of this fully entertaining day at our school. (Imagine trying to teach with these kids in your class... HA!)

Anyhoo...Here's to the game tomorrow night, and hopes of a winning streak continued!

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