Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to Clean Prop Clothing From a Slasher Flick!

While we were doing the laundry this weekend, we managed to get one of those "Oh-No!" moments... you know the one... that moment when you open the dryer door to find that all of your nice dress clothes look like they have been the props in a bad slasher flick!

Well, that was our find this weekend. Evidently one of Iain's red crayons from the restaraunt this weekend ended up in the dryer... RED Crayon was absolutely EVERYWHERE... I was so upset, because all of my good clothes for work were completely ruined.

I looked everywhere online for a remedy that would work... WD-40 to break up the wax of the crayon so it would wash out... Well... it faded it a tiny bit, but all it really managed to do was make my laundry REALLY stinky... and now we have to buy another can of the stuff for when we really need it.

So after I looked around for a while I managed to find this little gem, I had to go out and buy a few things... ended up spending about $15 for everything, but $15 is a small price to pay when it would cost me at least$200 to replace the clothes.

Here you have the super-magic, amazing and wonderful dried in crayon removing miracle!

2 full caps of concentrated laundry detergent (Tide works great!)
1 cup of borax
1 cup of Oxi-Clean
1 cup of white vinegar

Pour all of the above in gredients into the washer tub already filled with the HOTTEST water you can fill it with and let the clothes soak for an hour before you start the wash cycle. Then wash heavy soil cycle.

I couldn't believe my eyes when nearly everything came out like brand new... I will tell you though that it doesn't seem to work very well on synthetic fibers like polyester... I am still working on that shirt...(it was a freebie from work anyway, so nothing lost!) but anything that was cotton or even cotton blend came out like brand-new!

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