Saturday, April 7, 2007

Thoughts on Thirty...

Well, THIRTY has officially arrived! Do I feel any different? Are there any gray hairs? Any magic "wow, I'm old" moment? I can quite truthfully answer in saying NO! What is the big deal? I guess I just don't get what the big issue is with turning 30. Some people I know have had full-on panic attacks about not being in their 20's any longer. You know the difference between 29 and 30? One day. Period. That's it!

Now poor Allen, he definitely thought I was really having a hard time with becoming 30. No, he was just the poor victim of a woman gone mad with PMS...LOL! Yeah, it was actually quite the day to say the least. It started great... Mom and Pop Shultz sent an envelope to me last week, that I couldn't open till today. I obliged, and it was worth it. Mom sent a fantastic poem by Ogden Nash called "A Lady Thinks She is Thirty" It is about how this woman who turned 30 woke up feeling old, and gray, and no longer this beautiful woman she once was, however in reality God has blessed her as a timeless beautiful woman, if she would just open her eyes. It was such a neat poem, and a great pick-me up to start the day. Well, I found out however, that Mom and Pop are all about building you up, only to tear you down later in the day.. (JK!) Yeah, around 2:00 in the afternoon the doorbell rings, and I find a lady standing there with a bunch of black "Over the Hill" balloons! I guess this is my first of several more "milestone birthday's" with black balloons! I just didn't expect them quite this soon.

Back to the rest of the day though, Iain is getting to be a bit on the colicky side. Not bad, but he definitely has his moments... today he decided that an hour of crying wasn't enough, NO, he decided two would be better. I of course was beside myself.. .he was fed, in clean diaper, I gave him "Little Tummys" for gas. NOTHING worked. What do I do... I cry... yeah, my birthday, and I am crying. So Allen gets home to this, then we got in a minor fight.. .which of course when you are PMS-ing is a major fight. Well, after we eat, things settle down, and I am able to calm down..good thing considering the baby-sitter was on her way... YES I said baby sitter.

Tonight was our first time out without Little Man. We decided to go see a movie. I wanted to see Meet the Robinson's, but of course the internet got the time wrong ,and I didn't get to see it. instead, we saw 300. It was good, but I wasn't exactly wanting to see a bloody Greek battle movie, when what I really needed was a good laugh. Oh well... nothing really went great today anyway. Well, Becca got to the house, and being the good Mommy, I had a list of where every single thing he might need was located, phone #'s, movies for Becca to watch, Popcorn and coke ready for her,etc..etc... BUT, when I finally left, I did well. I did not call once to check in... I thought about it, but I didn't! And to be quite honest, it was quite relaxing, even through a bloody movie to relax for just a couple of hours without a wailing baby in the background!

Becca's best friend Jess came over (I invited her) and I am glad she did, because not long after we left, he started to cry. I would have felt really sorry had she been by herself. They did very well though, he was changed into his pajamas, had been fed a bottle, and was actually sleeping when we got home! They definitely earned their $20. We will definitely have them babysit again in a heartbeat!

Anyway... I have blabbered on long enough... but to sum it up... NO, Thirty is no different than 29. Not yet anyway!

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