Friday, April 20, 2012


Yup...Changes are on the way.  It is well over due, and time for those changes to come.

It is official, we have made the plans to make changes to address, jobs, state, etc.   And it is scary to think about.  Seriously, when you have been in one place for nearly a decade and you make the decision to leave it all behind, it is quite daunting.

After going home over Christmas, and hearing the doctor say that Mom had cancer, it really opened my eyes to the fact that we need to be near family.  Thank goodness, we ended up with much better news than originally thought, but either way it made me realize that changes needed to come.

So, we are packing boxes, going through old things, throwing a lot away, and donating plenty more.   It is interesting to look at old yearbooks, remembering the days of when life was so easy and the biggest worry was if we would have dessert after dinner or not.

Can I just say that I really hate the packing part... I wish that I could afford to hire movers and packers to just come in and do it for me, because there is just a certain sadness to watching the shelves starting to empty, the drawers become  more sparse and realize that what has been a really good place for us is coming to a close.

I have made so many wonderful friends and some who I count as my extended family, and I will most definitely miss them dearly, but moving on to be near to family so that the boys can know them, and grow up in a small town with small town values is going to be worth the move.

Now if I can just find a job and make this sustainable.  ={

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