Saturday, April 9, 2011

Catching Ya'll up... considering I've been completely gone from here for FOREVER

To summarize the big stuff since my last post...

  • Went home for Christmas... enjoyed the fam!  
  • Iain got to play in some snow... Yay!
  • Came back to work and became UNBELIEVABLY busy with our winter playoffs 
  • Iain had a great birthday.. .I made a FUN construction cake for him.
  • Lachlan went to emergency room, and had to have emergency surgery to remove a little piece of glass... glad that is over!
  •  Iain FINALLY finished potty training.  Hallelujah!
  • I had my wisdom teeth removed... OUCH, but overall not as bad as I expected.
  • We finally had time to clean the yard and paint the patio chairs
  • Iain got to drive a front end loader.
  • Put up a hedge around the backyard... praying it survives the full sun and sandy soil
  • Had my birthday...uneventful and quiet... and Iain sang Happy Birthday to me!  SWEET!
  • Lachlan turned 1... Super cute, smashing cake all over his face!
  • Went to weekend family spiritual growth retreat with our church family...Was amazing!
  • That's about it.  Really doesn't sound that busy, actually


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