Saturday, April 10, 2010

He's Here!

Wednesday morning I walked into Iains room to wake him up and send him to daycare, pretty well knowing at some point during the day (or evening ) that Lachlan would finally make his way into the world.  So I decided to ask Iain a couple of all important questions.  It went something like this...
Mommy: "Hey, are you ready to meet baby brother?"
Iain: an emphatic "Uh-HUH!!"
Mommy: "Iain, do you know how baby brother is going to get here?"
Iain: " BIG white dodge!!!" (dodge being his word for truck)
Mommy: "And who will drive the truck?"
Iain: "Big green frog!"

Sometimes I wonder... =)

So anyway to get to the real point here, about 6am on Wednesday I started to feel those annoying crampy contractions that you can't really measure, but you know what they are.   So I got Iain ready for school and took him there, by the time I got home at about 9:15 I knew the contractions were for real... I was able to measure them at 2 minutes apart and lasting about 30 seconds... by 10:30 they were 2 minutes long and 1 minute and 30 apart, so I called my OB's office and they said to go ahead and get checked... so we picked up Allen at 11:20, and stopped back at the house to get our bags and headed to the hospital, knowing this was the time Allen got back to the car there was no talking through my contractions anymore, as I could tell things were moving quick, so we head on our way, with me in the front seat trying my best to guide Mom to the hospital...  Can I just say riding in the car with my Mom when she has NO IDEA where we are going and under stress is completely UNBEARABLE while in labor!!! (sorry Mom!) Trying to give directions while in transition contractions...unreal... I wanted to scream...

All I know is thank God we made every green light, if we hadn't, we may have been having little man in the parking lot instead of inside the hospital.... we got there at 12:00ish (I honestly wasn't too aware of the time understandably.), and went straight to triage where I was measuring 5cm... by the time I left triage and got the the second floor and in my delivery room (5 minutes tops) they measured me at 9cm!!   I just remember the nurses SCRAMBLING to find a delivery team, and me dying to push... with them telling me to breath through and and not push... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  This kid was making his way outta' there and all we needed was someone to catch him!  All I could think was let me push this baby out NOW... anyway when all was said and done, Lachlan Archer was born at 12:39, after only 20 minutes of pushing.  WAY better than the 2 hours of pushing I had with Iain!  There was no time to think of pain meds, so this was completely au naturale... and it really wasn't that bad...

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