Thursday, March 5, 2009

I REALLY Wannabe...

I have this idea in my head (and heart) that I am
a fairly creative person. I really enjoy being that person too, but unfortunately I don't have much time to dedicate to it. However, the other day one of my students was needing to get senior photos done, and I had the time to spend playing with my camera...Off we went about our day, and here are some of the results... One day, I really would love to be able to actually dedicate a bit of time to doing this, but need feedback on things to correct, and if I actually have an eye for it or not...
Feedback is WAY welcome!


Amanda Mac said...

You asked... :)

#3 is definitely my favorite. I like the composition, with one slight caveat - try not to cut the frame at joints. This one cuts right about the elbow, and it's a tiny bit distracting - though not terribly so. Here's what I like about it - the color is great! I like the lines of the pier because they bring your eye right back to the subject (cute kid, btw).

#1 is also a great shot. Can you lighten her face a bit? You might try duplicating the layer, setting it to screen mode, and then dropping opacity until it looks right. She's just a tad bit dark. The posing of her hands is awesome.

I like the general idea of #2, but the shadow on her face/shoulder is distracting (and I know you just have to deal with that when you're working in bright sunlight - frustrating, to say the least). However, the composition is fantastic and the color ROCKS. Remember the no-chopping-at-joints rule, and maybe next time think about where the shadows are going to hit.

I'm not sure about #4 - can you crop it so that she's a little more to the right of the frame, or maybe even a vertical crop might work better. To me, the pose looks a little awkward - like she's trying not to fall over. :) I think a very slight vignette would be good on this one, too.

As for that last one - well, let's just say you have more patience than I do! LOL That is SUCH a fun idea. The only thing I would do is try to crop it in just a bit, to try to make one of the poses a stronger focal point, kwim? The eye needs to fall on something, and mine can't decide where to look.

The only other thing is a personal preference - I'd lower the opacity of the vignettes, esp. on #1 & #3. I know a lot of people like a heavy vignette, but it ain't my thing. :)

Otherwise - they look pretty fabulous. I would kill to have such a gorgeous place to take pictures.

You ought to see if you can get some of your kids to do a trash-the-dress after prom... it would be a hoot on the beach!

Lorlene said...

I love the third picture! I don't know that you need to vignette the first it looks good. Harsh shadow across her face in picture 2; it may help to lighten it up just a bit. I'm assuming it was the time of day. On 4th picture I think it would look better to crop up just a bit. Picture 5 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!