Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trip to the hospital..

So, we had to take Iain to the hospital this past weekend. He ended up with a NASTY bout of Rotovirus, and became severely dehydrated and had a very high temp...Not a fun weekend to say the least. He ended up getting admitted on Monday after spending 8 hours sitting in the emergency room waiting for a room to open up upstairs. And after we had finally gotten him down and had fallen asleep, around 4am the nurses came in and told us we had to move to one side of the room so he could get a new roomie. It was an absolutely unreal experience to say the least, but it really did go well, his nurses were fantastic and did a great job of taking care of him. Now he is home and doing much better, though he is still a little leary of eating, but that will come. And yes, I have already made a scrapbook page of our experience!

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