Monday, December 15, 2008

Slightly Early Christmas...

First off, can I just say that I am completely EXCITED about Christmas this year... I simply CAN'T wait! And well... you can see from the scrapbook page that it is true... Not so much because I couldn't actually control myself... yes, it is hard to do, but I really can manage... The reality is that we simply will not be able to fit Iain's big gift into the car with us for the trip. So, we put it together tonight, and surprised him when we got home from church. Iain absolutely LOVED it... he immediately climbed aboard and started scooting it across the room, ringing the bell along the way. So of course I HAD to scrap the moment... not to mention, Daddy, happily piecing the trike together while Iain napped today.

Most of the scrapbook elements are from my friend at church who I just found out has an online digi store!!! I LOVE her stuff... and if you would like to check it out...go to ...You will find some really awesome stuff there!

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Amanda Mac said...

Golly gee, he is getting SOOOO big! Love the page!