Monday, May 12, 2008

Customer SERVICE????

Okay, so I have been having this little issue lately. Well, actually not just lately, since November of last year really...You know those nice little companies, that when you have your baby, are all ready to sell you every possible trinket imaginable to commemorate your little guy's birth?... Well, we fell prey, and decided to buy the Louisville slugger baseball bat that every boy should have with his name and birth information.

Yeah, we ordered it in November and recieved the bat just before Christmas... and well, someone at the company evidently decided that we had simply misspelled Iain's name. They decided to engrave LAIN in the bat instead. So we went through the process of letting them know that they had made a mistake and they were very apologetic and ready to replace it with a corrected version. We were told to expect the new bat at the beginning of January, so we patiently waited for the new and correct bat to come.

January came, and went... no bat... so we called, and the company said it must have been a mistake in communication with production, so a new arrival date was given to us.... Well, February came and went... in the process we called at least 10 times to find out what was goin on, and FINALLY in March we got the new bat... GUESS WHAT?? It was misspelled once again! Exactly the same way. So, what do I do... I call the company... as our conversation went along, I realized very quickly that they were NOT going to take the blame, instead they proceeded to tell me that since it is engraved in a script font, I am simply mistaking the "I" on the bat for an "L". So basically they called me an illiterate idiot, who cannot tell an I from an L.
At this point I was just pissed off.

So I continue to make calls, 6 more to be exact before someone actually talked to me without "disconnecting" me while I was being transferred to their customer service dept. When I finally got to someone to actually talk to I decided it was time to play their game, so on came the Alligator tears, and the "weepy momma" simply wanting her son's bat in time for mother's day. I made the woman feel so bad about the situation that she said she would "immediatly talk to her supervisor" to fix the situation, and that she was so upset for me. (hee hee!)

So to get to the point, the THIRD bat made it's way to us, and guess what... MISSPELLED AGAIN!!! What on Earth?? I called again today... and held on the line listening to the same hynoptizing muzak track OVER and OVER for 54 minutes before someone finally said they would refund our money with proper proof of repeated mistakes on their part, so the picture you see is the response they will recieve. GRRRRR... Customer service....Yeah right!

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Amanda Mac said...

Nope. No way on God's green earth ANYONE can mistake that "L" for an "I."