Thursday, April 10, 2008

Got my new camera!!!

So, I got my birthday present! And I can say that I am LOVING my new XTi! The first 2 are from the first night I had the camera, just snapshots more than anything, but I have to say that I like the shots from the park today. You can tell, I have been doing a little bit of reading up on aperature and the like. Feel free to dole out the CC, that is what will make my shots better. All are SOOTC.


Amanda Mac said...

1. Your hair is getting long!

2. Iain is starting to look more and more like Allen.

3. So far, you're off to a rockin' start. My only cc: watch your shadows - especially in the last one, it's a bit distracting. Also, trying running unsharp mask in PSE. Use a setting of 24/60/1 and see what you think. The pic of him with the waterhose is my fave - love all the water droplets. The 3rd shot would look fabulous in B&W. Are you shooting in AV mode?

You're off to a great start. Ain't it fun? :)

Oh.... and I apologize (again) for missing your birthday (again).

Aimee Lou said...

Yeah, the shadows were really bothering me... It was hard though to stay away from the shadows since we went pretty late in the afternoon. The shadow across his face in #3 drives me nuts, but I love the pic otherwise. The last one I threw in because of the hands across the face, he was like..."no more pictures mommy!"

And yes I am shooting AV mode, with aperature set between 4-6.

It is terriby addicting I must say!