Monday, August 27, 2007

That's It! I'm officailly going to become a NUDIST!!!

I am searching now, for a nudist colony... If you know of one nearby, let me know! I am ready to join up.

I am so stinking tired of shopping for clothes! I swear, that if I have to buy any more pants...let me re-phrase that....if I have to "TRY-ON" anymore pants, I am going to scream!!!!!

I just got a coupon from Lane Bryant (my fave big-girl store) for their new line of jeans that are made to actually fit a womans curves! I couldn't wait to get up there to see if it could possibly be true. So I go in and take a look, and there are three basic types (yellow, red and blue fits... according to waist / hip difference) made to get rid of all of those typical blue jeans problems, of gapping waists, etc...

So I try on what they measure me to be, and sure enough, they don't fit right. So they suggested a smaller size (Yay!)and yes they fit better in the waist, but then they don't fit in the legs... Well, we just repeated this trying on of different sizes and colors for at least 10 different pairs, only to find that their new..."fits every woman" line of jeans... DON'T FIT ME!!! What the heck?! So, very frustrated, I finally left.

I decided to look for a pair of Crocs shoes instead. After all, I can ALWAYS count on my feet to be easy to fit. WRONG!!!!! I LOVE my Crocs flip-flops, but the shoes, they only make in full sizes. I can't find any to fit right at the stores here! Nobody but the Crocs website directly carries a size that fits.

So I am officially calling it quits on clothing. (and shoes) I think I may have to find a new "nudist-friendly" line of work, but I am sure it has to be easier than finding a pair of jeans that fit!


oh yeah.. btw...I was sent this little website from a friend of mine... How funny that I get this result. "The Amazing Death Predictor" (try it out!)

aimee: At age 64 you will pass in your sleep from undiscerned natural causes. Unfortunately you will be sleeping nude in a local shopping mall.

(I guess I must end up getting tired of trying on all of those clothes, and go back to my nudist ways in protest... lol!)

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Amanda Mac said...

No nudist - but I can definitely relate. Oh, heavens, can I relate! Clothes manufacturers still haven't figured out that some women are actually CURVY!